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King Cobra Apiary are our awesome neighbors right down the road producing some of the best honey you can get your hands on.  We are partnering with them to make their amazing products accessible to our customers. 

Right now we offer: Half Pound or Quarts (3lbs) of King Cobra Honey straight to your door! Feel free to order, and we'll deliver along side your amazing Haven Farm Meat. (Meat order has to exceed $35 for free delivery.) 

More about King Cobra:

We are a honey farm, or apiary, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

We run our bee hives within Orange and Alamance counties and sell our honey to many customers throughout the United States. All of our bees are from local North Carolina stock and forage on the natural blooms in the area. In our apiary, we see a great deal of wildflower nectar being brought in, including clover, tulip poplar, blackberry, black locust, and other native plants; this makes for delicious light honey every spring and summer, and a darker, richer honey in the fall. The honey is raw, straight from the hive with nothing added. North Carolina is famous for its amazing honey, and it can be a hard to find treat.

King Cobra Apiary Honey was started in 2015 with only a few hives by Ali Iyoob. Over the course of his first year, he sold honey to many of his friends, family, and neighbors, and invested most of his time and money to expanding his side business into something much larger.

In early 2016, Ali met Alicia Ballard, another beekeeper and professional research entomologist, and the two teamed up as business partners and as a couple. The two spent many sleepless nights together building product inventory, researching market strategies, and figuring out how to run a successful business. King Cobra Apiary has faced many challenges over the years, but has overcome these obstacles with hard work, dedication, and a passion to produce a quality product.

Our honey can be found in several stores that carry local products throughout the Triangle. We have also had the privilege to collaborate with many local partners to produce amazing products such as honey-infused beer, wine, mead, beauty products, and more!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at kingcobraapiary@gmail.com.