DC Pop Up!

Hey! We are coming to DC with our Pasture and Forest Raised Chicken and Pork on 21 November (Saturday), 12pm-6pm and you can Reserve Product Now by clicking the link. 

Our dear friends Roberta and Coy are hosting us for this "Framily" affair! Their big back yard is plenty big for social distancing! Bring your mask, of course. Join us on 21 November at 2638 Myrtle Ave NE, DC. 

We really look forward to connecting with old and new friends. Couple cases of NC craft beer on site, on the house!!! 

What’s different and better his time?
1. Jess and Kids are coming!
2. Bacon is here, and possibly the best bacon you will have ever tasted.
3. Chef Made Ready to Heat and Eat Haven Farm Chicken Meals: Chicken Pot Pie, Roasted Chicken & Wild Rice Soup, Chicken & Dumplings. 
4. We take credit cards.
5. Pre-packed orders in Eco-bags ready to go with invoice on arrival. (Faster turnaround, more talk time!)

Fill out and order form (see link below) and we'll bring the amazing products and **you can pay on pick up with CC, Apple, Venmo, PayPal or Cash/Check**. 

Please feel free to read about Haven Farm, founded by Jess and Andy Shaver in 2020 here after leaving East/Horn of Africa. And about how we strive to practice Regenerative Agriculture for healthy soil, animals, and bodies. 

Here's a vid about us.

So - how do you get this amazing pasture & forest raised meat?

1.Go to this link/menu and RESERVE your desired products with no deposit. (We trust you to come and pay on the day!)

2.Share the link/menu with your friends! Tell them to RESERVE.

Thanks for taking the time, filling the order and coming to get your hands on some amazing meat products, raised with 'beyond organic' standards.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Jess, Andy, Caleb, Silas