About Our Meats

We raise animals respectfully, in a manner reflective of the life for which they were meant to live.

Animals on Pasture or in a Forest. A lot of space. Moving regularly. No Chemicals. Fed the right food (using 100% traceable to NC non-GMO supplemental feed for omnivores). Always.

Pastured/forested meat can be the cleanest and best tasting meat available – and – contribute to restoration and regeneration of the soil and land. This happens especially when the management of the flock and herd is done in a way that mimics nature. And that is what we strive to do. If you have heard the term Regenerative Agriculture, you will be familiar with how we seek to function.

At Haven Farm, we truly free-range our meat and laying chickens, where they roam safely, forage for bugs and grass, and are free to just be chickens. They are moved every day to keep them in a fresh, clean environment, disperse manure and improve the soil. 

Our small batches of hogs have a lot of space to root and forage for acorns, nuts, mushrooms, and all kinds of other good stuff as we move them regularly through our woodland. The hogs' disturbance of the forest floor is a beneficial action, and then we move them along. 

We practice intensive rotational grazing for our cattle, contributing to carbon-capture, soil-building, and the development of diverse and healthy pastures. They are 100% grass-fed and finished, as cows were intended to be.