Frequently Asked Questions:

What is it?

An annual "subscription" to receive a monthly share (choose one of three sizes) of meat box every month from our small, pasture based, organic and grass fed farm from June 2022 to May 2023. Each box will have a variety of the best chicken, pork and beef that we think money can buy. 

       What's in the box exactly??

We will be 'spreading out' all the products across our CSA entirely. That means: whilst it is still "farmer's choice" for what goes in the box, 100% of the ribeyes (retail $25 per lb), 100% of the bacon (retail near $20 per lb), 100% of the NY Strips ($20 per lb) and Filet Mignon (circa $30 per lb) and etc, will be spread across our customers in a proportionate manner. We are NOT doing ad hoc retail of those high end items (unless we calculate some over production), but including them in your share. Yes you will also get a proportionate amount of drumsticks. And you need to know: 45% of a finished beef animal is ground beef. About 40% of a hog is sausage. We may cut back on sausage in favor of ground pork, and some ham roasts, but you get the point. It's going to be great, but you cannot anticipate "more bacon" than is actually on a pig. *Please note, we may run a bit short of Haven Farm beef this summer, and I want to get everyone some steaks for grilling season, so we may purchase a 100% grass fed beef animal from a partner farm that we trust.*

Do I pick what goes in the box? 

No, it will be farmer choice, curated principally on the seasons, but as noted above: members will be getting a proportionate share of all the good stuff. We are not 'saving' back the high end cuts for retail. 

Why do it? 

Our meat is fantastic. You probably already know that. This is a way to lock in a price for our amazing meat for a whole year, and know where your meat comes from, and how clean and good it is every month. We will only be doing occasional retail offerings, for our CSA members first. So, this is the only real way to be sure to get Haven Farm meats. CSA membership is quite limited (we scaled production back this year) and this year's members will get first option to sign up next year too. 

Also - before the CSA year ends (i.e., before June 2023) we will host a CSA members only afternoon on our farm where we will give farm tours and feed all the members at a big farm party! 

When does it start? 

June 2022 will be the first delivery or drop off/pick up month. 

What is the cost?

Economy Size: $105 per month for 9-11 lbs of meat

Family Size: $150 per month for 14-16 lbs of meat

Farmer Size: $185 per month for 19-21 lbs

How to do it?  

Purchase a non-refundable deposit from our site (see the menu and find the DEPOSIT products) for the CSA product option of your choice: Economy, Family, Farmer. At check out choose either: Local Delivery/Shipping (small fee!) or, Local Pick Up from any of our pick up options: Haven Farm, Elk Local Foods (Apex), or Copeland Springs Farm (Pittsboro).

Expect an email and text in advance of your first delivery/local pick up which is June 2022. You will be notified monthly near or at time of delivery, and we'll receive payment prior or at delivery/drop off by: check, Zelle, cash, Venmo, Paypal. 

Do you deliver?  Yes with a small fee! Here are the details. You will be charged at time of delivery. 

- Chapel Hill/Durham/Carrboro = $5  (Free at Haven Farm!)
- Hillsborough = $7 (Free at Haven Farm!)
- Pittsboro  = $5 (Free at Elk or Copeland!)
- Cary/Apex =  $7  (Free at Elk!)
- Raleigh = $10  (Feel free to drive to pick up!)

When would I get my monthly CSA share? More precise details will follow but principally:

 Beginning of the Month:

- Haven Farm pick up

- Raleigh delivery

- Durham delivery

- Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Hillsborough delivery

Middle of the Month: 

- Apex delivery

- Cary delivery

- Pittsboro delivery

- Elk Foods pick up

- Copeland Springs pick up

What if I want to cancel?

We understand circumstances may shift, and we allow a cancellation. After all, we are not collecting all the funds up front, but doing recurring payments. However, a cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit. 

We are VERY flexible and available to discuss any questions: 919-236-3561 / havenfarmnc@gmail.com