Buy Chicken in Bulk!

If you are looking for sustainably raised, nutrient dense, healthy and extraordinarily tasty chicken then you have come to the right place.

Haven Farm’s pasture raised chickens forage and run safe on our beautiful pastures with No Confinement, No Chemicals, and are supplemented with superior feed from a local NC mill. It’s what chicken is supposed to be! Our chicks leave a large, warm, safe brooding area at 2-3 weeks depending on weather, and then they move to pasture, where they live a great life consuming bugs, clover, seeds which make up a considerable portion of their diet. Their movement on the pasture also greatly improves the soil to the benefit of our 100% grass fed cattle. This foraging and exercise is what really sets apart the flavor and texture of Haven Farm chicken compared to most other chicken you can buy.

Haven Farm chicken is extraordinary and we want to share it with you.  We are working hard to find ways to avail the abundance of our farm to meet a variety of budgets.

How it works

Click the product link you prefer and buy. Get a same day call from Jess or Andy for your preferred free-to-your-door delivery schedule. Enjoy some extraordinary chicken. 

Bulk Chicken Sales Options

Bulk Whole Chicken Club: $100 – FOUR (4) Haven Farm Pasture Raised Chickens delivered to your door when you want them: 4 chickens all at once, or 1 chicken every week for a month, or 1 chicken every two weeks for two months, or 1 chicken per month for 4 months. Your call! 

Bulk Extra Large Breast Club: $100 – For approximately 12 lbs of Haven Farm Bone In Chicken Breast packs. Pasture raised chicken breast for just over $8 per lb. Delivery schedule of your preference!