Steak Sampler - 6-7lbs

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A cost effective way to get some of the best steaks around. 

What's inside? A mixture of 8 of the below steaks, for sure 2 ribeyes. Others subject to inventory. 

(2) Ribeyes!  - 1" thick cut, these are extraordinary, approx 1lb per steak

(4) NY Strips - 1" thick, classic, approx .5 lb / 8 oz per steak

(2) Sirloin steaks - tender, perfect on the grill or pan for fajitas, tacos, or as is, approx 8 oz/ .5 lb per steak

(1) Short Ribs - OK, not a steak but a nice addition for juicy shredded beef or Korean BBQ in the slow cooker.